Ordinary Love

February exhibition at ispresso.
Illustrator Miranda Jang
'Ordinary Love' Miranda's first solo exhibition!
Everyone come and check this charming drawing and post cards
American Road: Elk Hunter, West
iSpresso | January, 2015
Introduce our January artist Jungmin kim
Come and check! It's amazing photography
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Handmade Greetings Card
iSpresso | December, 2015
This exhibition showcases a series of Karen Hong's metaphorical exploration in seasonal greeting cards. Where each card is individually detailed by hand and appointed with custom letter-press.
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Aquastonethrone & Mr. Mustart
iSpresso | November, 2015
Meet November's artist at iSpresso!
Photograpgy by Aquastonethrone
Painting by Mr. Mustard
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New Coffee Bean!

We have new coffee bean from Colombia El Faldon! Try our hand drip today!